Sky / Freesat Satellite Dish use for Sky or Free TV


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  • Ideal for Standard Sky TV installs, Ideal for Free to Air / Freesat installation
  • Ideal for Sky+, Sky HD or Multiroom install (Need Quad or Octo LNB), It’s relatively inexpensive, It’s easy to assemble and install, It’s Easy to buy replacement parts or upgrade to Quad or Octo LNB
  • LNB Range: Single, Quad and Octo LNBs will fit this dish, Version #: Mark 4 (snap on).
  • Complete Zone 2 Satellite Dish: Wall Bracket, Wall Tube, Elevation bracket, Dish Bracket, Fixing Kit, Feed Arm

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DESCRIPTION of Zone 2 Sky Dish **NO LNB**

      • Complete Zone 2 Sky Satellite Dish
        • Wall Bracket
        • Wall Tube
        • Elevation Bracket
        • Dish Bracket
        • Fixing Kit (For Assembling Dish)
        • Feed Arm
      • Colour: Grey
      • Manufacturer: Raven / Global
      • Perforated Surface
      • Size: 60cm
      • LNB Range: Single, Quad & Octo¬†LNBs Will Fit This Dish
      • Version #: Mark 4 (Snap-on)

USES of Sky Satellite Dish

      • Ideal for standard Sky TV installs
      • Ideal for Free to Air / Freesat¬†installation
      • Ideal for Sky+, Sky HD or multiroom install (Need quad or octo LNB)

ADVANTAGES of Sky Satellite Dish

    • This Sky satellite dish is by far the most commonly used satellite dish in Ireland representing over 95% of all dishes erected
    • This is because it’s designed specifically for the Irish (and non-central UK) market
    • It’s relatively inexpensive
    • It’s easy to assemble and install
    • It’s easy to buy replacement parts or upgrade to quad or octo LNB

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